Bracelet Collections


The moment you wear a bracelet, a rise of joy and beauty swell within you. Placing the bracelet onto your loved ones wrist, however, is indescribable. The classic tennis bracelet, drapped in Vishal Jewelry cut diamonds and set in white gold, marks a milestone for a woman who receives it in her jewelry collection.

We also offer bracelets with gemstones for the woman celebrating her birthstone, or for who simply needs a splash of color to add into her jewelry collection. As size doesn't matter when selecting a bracelet, it is hard to not choose something that gives a woman a chance to swoon and appreciate your thoughtful gesture now clasped around her wrist.

For a streamline design, our mens line at Vishal Jewelry has bracelets that act as the accessory to finish off a mans look. Crafted from 14k gold, our sleek mens bracelets are ideal for a man that likes that bit of flash or structure. Woven from premium leather and held with sterling silver, our leather bracelets are downright dashing for the man who likes to dress in cutting edge styles.

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