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July - The Ruby Gemstone

One of the four precious gemstones, the Ruby is the birthstone of July, and zodiac symbol for the Capricorn. For those considering gifts, knowing the meaning behind the birthstone and what the ruby symbolizes is important. While you can choose to view it for its beauty, the ruby has centuries of cultural meaning. When you are considering getting a gemstone, there is nothing to rival the passion of a ruby. Said to be inspired by the flames of the sun itself, rubies can range in color from a Merlot to hues that have pink rose.


Another branch of ruby is the star ruby, which appears as a solid color with a six ray star inside. When the gemstone is moved, the star itself moves with the users eyesight. As an entirely different looking gemstone, those seeking out the meaning of the ruby but wanting a completely unique appearance might want to take the star ruby into consideration.


Like the color red itself, ruby is said to represent passion. Those giving a ruby for symbolism should note that it generally has a background of being a sensual gemstone. Often in decades past, the ruby was given within wedding ceremonies for its prosperity, and also intimate connotations. Of course the ruby is grounded in energy and awakening, so it can also be an ideal gift for the wearer who needs a spur of energy.


As an invigorating, negative warding, and energetic gemstone, the ruby is ideal for those who want to bring about a new cycle in life. Ideal for the birth of a new child, career, or relationship, the ruby can give the wearer a beauty and confidence in its meaning. With its rich hues and prized cultural value, the ruby is a wonderful choice as a gift should you want to combine the beauty of red hues into a piece of jewelry.
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