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  • Bracelets

    The moment you wear a bracelet, a rise of joy and beauty swell within you. Placing the bracelet onto your loved ones wrist, however, is indescribable. The classic tennis bracelet, drapped in Vishal Jewelry cut diamonds and set in white gold, marks a milestone for a woman who receives it in her jewelry collection.

     We also offer bracelets with gemstones for the woman celebrating her birthstone, or for who simply needs a splash of color to add into her jewelry collection. As size doesn't matter when selecting a bracelet, it is hard to not choose something that gives a woman a chance to swoon and appreciate your thoughtful gesture now clasped around her wrist.

     For a streamline design, our mens line at Vishal Jewelry has bracelets that act as the accessory to finish off a mans look. Crafted from 14k gold, our sleek mens bracelets are ideal for a man that likes that bit of flash or structure. Woven from premium leather and held with sterling silver, our leather bracelets are downright dashing for the man who likes to dress in cutting edge styles.

  • Chisel

    The Chisel® contemporary metals collection features modern styles created with alternative metals. Styles are created in stainless steel, titanium, Black Ti™, ceramic, cobalt, Vitalium®, and Timoku™ for durable jewelry with a bold, distinctive look.

  • Cuff Bangles

    The diversity of bangles can all come back to the classic one we think of as both musical and chic – the bangle and cuff. Bangles, a pure smooth bracelet, are one way to make a minimalistic fashion statement with jewelry. Whether you choose a bangle that is simple or adorned with accents, Vishal Jewelry has made sure to give you an elegant piece to wear alone, or even stacked together for a grand statement.


    Cuff bangless, worn on the wrist and held flush onto the body, are the boldest of all bracelets. With width and varying designs to enhance the wearer, cuff bangles are a jewelry piece that is ideal for the fashion forward. Be it the demure and elegant bangle, or cuff that is for everyday wear – Vishal Jewelry has plenty of pieces to choose from.

  • Earrings

    When we look at someone, the first accessory we see are earrings. When given as a gift, be it for the girl graduating college with pearl earrings or diamond studs for an anniversary, Vishal Jewelry has a diverse selection of earrings that make an impression on your special someone.

     Set within white gold and silver, Vishal Jewelry prides itself on a selection of elegant cut diamonds and gemstones that are placed in our secure settings. For daily wear, our precious metal earrings are fashionable pieces, crafted with timeless design to ensure your earrings are in style in the decades to come.  Be it a birthstone set within diamonds for the gala, or gold hoops placed in before the party starts – earrings are thoughtful, and will bring memories of you out no matter what the occasion.

  • Necklace & Pendants

    Necklaces have created icons. From the diamond encrusted Marilyn Monroe, to the pearl strands of Audrey Hepburn, women have taken the message of a necklace in a meaningful way; and it is for good reasons that necklaces mean so much, as unlike any other piece of jewelry the necklace lies on top of her heart.

    It makes the perfect gift to show adoration, through diamonds and pearls, or the landmarks of a holiday with gemstones and symbols. Our necklaces at Vishal Jewelry are set within precious metals, and given secure clasps to let a woman know she can enjoy her necklace without worry. Necklaces, given in love and kindness, should always leave your loved on in the same way: breathless.

  • Reflection Beads

    Mix and match to create truly unique Reflection Beads® jewelry. The diverse collection features sterling silver, Italian Murano glass, wood, personalized, natural stone, mosaic, ceramic, laser cut beads. With a selection of more than 3,000 beads, there is something for everyone. Reflection Beads® are an exceptional value and compatible with most leading brands.

  • Rings

    A ring can represent many occasions: the promise of a loving commitment for a lifetime, a birthday gift that brings in celebration, the promise of your affections, a renewal of your lasting romance, or simply a fashion piece that drops jaws upon sight of seeing it.

    That is why we have the best selection of rings, from casual to formal, in various price points to offer you. Vishal Jewelry carries the best in diamond, gemstone, platinum, white gold, and silver rings that delight your loved ones so much, you might just have to get one for yourself too.